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Equine Therapy

Animal pain can be excruciating for both animal and owner. While the animal is the one experiencing the agony, it is the owner who deals with the anxiety and frustration of trying to relieve it.

Having had horses from a young age, all the way up to competing internationally, as well as running her own livery yard has prepared Mandy for working with and around these beautiful animals.  

If your horse or pony has a problem please contact us and we will be happy to discuss their treatment options.

Our therapies are not only for you, but for all your loved ones, big or small.


Initial Evaluation Consultation

The initial consultation is for a new client who would like to discuss their current issues and/or concerns, to talk about strategies and goals for therapy and to start work on a treatment plan. 
We like to converse via telephone, Skype, etc before meeting so that we can better assess the needs of your animal and/or yourself and discuss how we can improve your situation.

Riders Therapy

While we all love our animals big or small, we also need to look after ourselves.

Many people put their animals, family and busy lives in front of their self-care.  At PainLess Equestrian Therapy we cater to your needs too, making sure you are ready for anything from big competitions to a gentle hack with friends.


Trauma Therapy

Trauma is a big word, but can be a small thing, like banging into a table or stubbing a toe.  
They can leave visible scars on the body, as well as psychological and emotional scars in the brain and central nervous system.  
Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds the bodys ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.  
We can treat these traumas by resetting the body to function as it would before the trauma occurred.

Pet Therapy

We can not forget our little pals.

Pain while possibly excruciating for your pet is felt emotionally by you the owner either as anxiety, frustration or sadness.

Let our therapies help all of your animals and you to relax and live a PainLess life.


Canine Therapy

Mans best friend, should have the best treatment.
Boisterous young puppies to sedate mature dogs, if they are having problems please contact us and we will be happy to discuss their options.


"I went to Mandy to address a number of pains after my surgical treatments and ......... Absolutely amazing. I was rather sceptical, but she put me at ease and worked wonders on me.   What a difference she's made to me and to my sleep aswell. I am still feeling all the benefits of this therapy. I cannot recommend Mandy and the therapy enough xx Fantastic!!!"

Lyn, Ayrshire, Scotland

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